Create SAP Customer Classification with BAPI function

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The following code creates Sap Customer Classification using BAPI Function :

open text file with abap

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Open text file  with ABAP : 

1. open with "open dataset ". can run in background mode

You can open up to 100 files per internal session. The actual maximum number of simultaneously open files may be less, depending on the platform.

Example :

Java for Statement

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java for Statement and enhanced for Statement :

Load image into abap internal table

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The following code load image file into abap internal table :

Read data from text file with java

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Read data from text file with java and write to screen :

Write data to text file with Java

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Create text file and write data with java :

How to get List of Java Threads

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The following code returns a list of Java Threads :

Visual Basic "Hello World" Program

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Write "Hello World" with Visual Basic

Create Delivery with BAPI Function

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Create  Delivery  with BAPI Function :

Create Purchase Order with BAPI Function

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Create purchase order with BAPI Function :





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