The site www.developerpages.gr is created in order to become a reference room and a port of communication, a place to exchange opinions and present issues from developers to developers.

 Our goal is to create a path of support and information for the Greek (and other) Developers at the most basic and familiar programming languages that are used professionally in Greece (and abroad, of course).

We are going to try to indicate technical problems and solutions to difficult technical issues of the daily work of the developer. With the contribution of all those who are willing to participate in our community we will be able to create a “useful tool” for our job or our hobby. 

The members, that will create an account, will be able to post articles on every topic that can be categorized, or present any event that has technical interest. If the article is from another website its source should be indicated. Click here to enter a new article.

 The new articles from the users will not appear immediately, but they will be published as soon as possible after a rudimentary check at their appearance in order to be uniformity in the site.

 The articles that will have obscene or offensive content or articles that will be out of development object will not be published.

 All the users of the site will be able to add comments in the articles and express their views. The offensive comments will be deleted without warning.

 Also, for each category that is on the left side of the website there is the equivalent category in the forum. In this section we discuss, we put questions or answer the questions of the fellow developer. Click here for the forum.

 There will be training efforts by giving simple instructions for those developers that they want to broaden their knowledge of objects other than what they are already aware. Any video, instructions and installation steps, versions and compatibility issues for programming languages and development environments will be welcomed.





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